Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter Project

So for Easter i set out to do a small project. I'm to paint the Imperial Old Guard as it was around 1809.
The initial plan is to do the 2nd Division under Dorsenne with two batallions of Chasseurs and grenadiers.

The first three batallions mad ready for painting.

The first Grenadier a pied done.

And based

Friday, 7 April 2017

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Been toiling in the worksop.
This time i created some modular hills. Each of the middle pieces is aprox. 30 cm wide. good for creatin end of board high ground or a larger ridge in the middle of the board.

Heavy British Dragoons

Here are some pictures of British Heavy Dragoons. 8 Bases = 4 hours of work.

Battle of Teugn Hausen

Here are some of the pictures taken from the first battle of our campaign.

The day saw some intense fighting when Hohenzollerns Koprs clashed with Davouts Corps

It was a close battle that stopped suddenly as the thunderstorm arrived early and ended the days fight in a draw.

There was fought some bloody bayonet battles, fierce artillery bombardments. Both Generals tried to outflank their enemy and on both sides there where good tactical decisions.¨

General de division St. Hillaire got wounded when he led the 57emé ligne in a charge against the Austrians at Buchberg

The Austrian army no longer benefits from the good spirits that followed them when they started their advance.

The Austrian view from Buchberg towards the N. Here the advance guard (Grenzer, Hussars and a cavalry Battery) tries to pin down the French.
Austrian reinforcements, Division Lusignan, rush foward.

 Another view from the Buchberg.

 Austrians at Haussenberg

 More of Lusignans Division.

 French voltigeurs try to disrupt the Austrian rear.
 Battle of Buchberg. Ends with the French taking the ground after a heroic charge led by General de division St. Hillaire.
 View from Haussenerberg after the french has taken Buchberg and the french skirmishers succeed in delaying the Austrian reinforcements.
 Final push just before the thunderstorm sets in.

Campaign, War along the Danube 1809

In our club AFKS i have started a new campaign.
It is the war of 1809 along the Danube.
Scenarios are written with a French and a Austrian brief, to simulate some fog of war.
If your interested in the scenarios please write me.

So far we have played the following battles:

  • Battle of Teugn-Hausen (draw)
  • Battle of Abensberg (small Austrian victory but with heavy losses)
  • Battle of Eggmühl Day 1 and 2 (Marginal French victory)
Planned for the next coming thursdays are:
  • Battle of Neumarkt
  • Battle of Aspern Essling
  • Battle of Wagram.
So far the campaign is progressing along the historial lines.
Austrians being seriously hampered with their bad commanders and Linear Tactics.

I finished my Austrian Uhlans last weekend. Here is a picture before basing more will follow.